Nighty Night
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PLEASE READ: We are still waiting for YouTube to finish compressing the epic 12+ hour live webcast from Mad Oak so that we can post it here for everyone to see (as well as cut together a "best of" video). If you or anyone you know was able to record the stream (in full, or in pieces), please contact video@eightineight.com ASAP. The sooner we can get a copy of the recording session, the sooner we can use it for all sorts of goodness that in the end will benefit you. Plus we'll hook you up with a thank-you-package from all of us, if you can aid in expediting the process.

8in8 Rethink Music Artist Presentation - April 26th, 2011 (the morning after):

Courtesy Rethink Music via livestream.com

8in8 Live at Berklee College of Music - April 26th, 2011 (the night after):

Courtesy Rethink Music via Ustream